As our inspiration for crinkle leather came from a piece of creased paper tossed on the ground, it is not surprising that the Bread Bag is our most emblematic item. It represents Duren’s very essence : a minimalistic design, an intense black with infinite plays of light for a very unique result combining a powerful metallic outlook with the sensual touch of leather.
People often joke saying that they should use it to put groceries in it, but they are not wrong : the Bread Bag is certainly a paper bag of its sort. It is the embodiment of Duren’s approach to make the utterly banal extraordinary.
This item comes in three different sizes, for three different uses. The small one comes handy at a party or any social event, the medium will let you stuff in all you need for the day, and the largest will allow the most audacious to make a bold statement.
Displayed in GRAZIA magazine (#483 page 90).